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Every year, tens of thousands of people are injured or killed in Florida because of impaired driving, medical malpractice, contaminated foods, defective products, and a host of other acts of negligence. If another person, company, or entity causes you to suffer injuries or damages intentionally, or because of their negligence, you can pursue personal injury claims or lawsuits with the assistance of an experienced West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer.

Over the last few decades, various initiatives have developed to promote safety, including campaigns against distracted or drunk driving; medical technological advances to reduce health risks; better car safety features to enhance the crashworthiness of vehicles; and even federal and state legislation to promote road safety. Despite these commendable societal attitudes, advances in technology, and legislation, negligent conduct can still be seen in many settings, leading to situations that cause injury and even death to thousands of people in West Palm Beach.

Acts of negligence can occur in a variety of situations, and people can be inured for a host of different reasons. There are many causes of personal injury lawsuits, including: road accidents involving car accidents,motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents; use of defective products; medical malpractice; food poisoning causes by consuming contaminated or undercooked food; spills and falls caused by foreign substances on the ground or unmarked hazards; dog bites or vicious animal attacks; and work related injuries, among others.

Many personal injury claims involve physical injuries like torn ligaments, burns, bone fracture, ruptured disc, lacerations, amputations, paralysis, brain and spinal cord injuries, and other bodily injuries. They can also involve non-physical harm, such as severe emotional distress, physiological trauma, violation of the individual’s civil rights, and damage to the individual’s reputation.

When a person suffers any of these injuries, Florida law allows them to bring personal injury claims against the at-fault entities, who could be the people responsible for improper conduct, or individuals and organizations that contributed to the damages that the victim suffered. Injured parties require the assistance of a skilled personal injury lawyer to pursue civil cases against an individual, business, organization, club, Private Corporation, or other entity whose actions or lack thereof, led to personal injuries.

In every personal injury case, your West Palm Beach personal injury attorney has to establish that the at-fault party had a duty to perform; that the at-fault entity was in breach of that legal duty; that the act of negligence caused or contributed to the injury for which compensation is being sought; and that the plaintiff suffered compensable injuries. Some of the compensable injuries that victims can recover include economic damages, like medical expenses and lost earnings, and non-economical damages like pain and suffering, and loss of household services.


You have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. If another party is at fault, you should not have to pay for the costs associated with your accident or injury. If you have been in an accident with another car, truck or motorcycle, call an attorney in West Palm Beach today. The Berman Law Group’s number is 1-855-754-2374. We offer free consultations.